Our Future Needs Help Today!


We are a Non-Profit Organization created in January 2023. We make our and only focus children. Children are the future and Our Future Needs Help Today. We strive on helping children of single parent homes gain everyday essentials to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We provide but are not limited to providing school supplies, school uniforms, & necessities to provide a healthy diet. Providing these necessities will give our children the positive encouragement to be able to live better in the future.


All proceeds are funded through donations & our parent company www.prestigenature.com


  • Must Understand We Can Only Provide Help For 3 Children Per Family
  • Must Be Single Parent
  • Must Be Receiving Government Assistance (Snap and or SSI and or SSDI)
  • Must Be Able to Show Proof
  • Must Be Able To Pick Up Or Provide Address For Delivery


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